Which Type of Penile Implant is Best for You?

Tactra versus AMS 700

Less patients prefer to receive a malleable or semi-rigid penile implant (AMS Tactra or Coloplast Genesis). However, this may be the best option for some patients who prefer a more straightforward device or have a history of complex abdominal surgery or kidney transplantation. The implant may be bent into the desired position for sexual function or concealment. Although it may not inflate and deflate, it has been designed to be soft to the touch and strong in function. Due to its simpler design, surgery and recovery are faster after malleable penile implant placement compared to the inflatable penile implant.

Most patients prefer to receive a 3-piece inflatable penile implant (AMS 700 or Coloplast Titan) since it is most naturally appearing and has the ability to become the most flaccid and most rigid. It is composed of a pump that is placed in the scrotum and a fluid reservoir hidden in your lower abdomen. There is sufficient space in the scrotum to accommodate the pump and the testicles do not need to be removed. The pump is hidden in the scrotal skin and is pressed it to fill the cylinders with fluid. This creates a confident erection that can be achieved whenever, wherever, and for as long as one desires. After sexual activity, the release button on the pump can be pressed routing the fluid back to the reservoir and returning penis to a non-erect position. The inflatable implant require a slightly longer surgery and recovery and higher risk for complications, but does result in higher rates of patient and partner satisfaction.

What is most important is that each person undergoes their own journey to choose the best penile implant that best meets their own individual goals and needs.

Paul H. Chung, MD Paul H. Chung, MD is Assistant Professor of Urology and Director of Reconstructive Urology at the Sidney Kimmel Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA

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