Buried Penis

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A buried penis, which may be caused by genital lymphedema, is a frustrating problem that can be both embarrassing and physically uncomfortable. Paul H. Chung, MD, a charismatic and caring physician serving patients in the Philadelphia area, is ready to help with a buried penis, so you can reclaim your sexual function and enjoy improved quality-of-life. Call the office nearest you to book your consultation now.

Buried Penis Q & A

What is buried penis?

Buried penis is a condition in which your penis is normal in size, but it isn’t visible because of swollen skin in your scrotum or elsewhere in your pubic area. Most patients who suffer from buried penis are obese, have severe scrotal swelling from lymph fluid accumulation, and/or problems acquired during circumcision surgery.

Some other possible causes of buried penis can include extremely weak ligaments attached to your penis or problems acquired during circumcision surgery.  

What kinds of problems does buried penis cause?

Buried penis can make normal sexual function difficult or impossible, which can take a severe toll on your self-confidence. Additionally, a buried penis can make it difficult to urinate normally and that could contribute significantly to hygiene, urinary tract infections, or other persistent issues. 

You could develop severe skin irritation on and around your penis if you suffer from buried penis. Some buried penis sufferers also have persistent skin infections. 

How does buried penis surgery work?

Dr. Chung tailors buried penis treatment for your individual circumstances. In many cases, Dr. Chung removes your suprapubic fat pad, the fat in your pubic area that’s currently making your penis look smaller than it really is. 

If you have severe swelling due to lymph fluid collection around your scrotum, he may remove the swollen scrotal tissue as well. Often, buried penis surgery also involves skin grafting of your penile shaft and/or scrotum to improve the overall appearance and functions. 

Because every man’s particular situation is unique, your buried penis surgery may involve other procedures as well. 

Dr. Chung is a fellowship-trained urologist who has advanced specialty training in the surgical treatment of buried penis. No matter what caused your buried penis, Dr. Chung can design a customized surgery for your buried penis, so you can enjoy better urological and sexual health now. Call the office nearest you to book your appointment today.