HARD Series


Join the fight to solve Erectile Dysfunction

This five-part, short documentary series, examines the connections Prosthetic Urologists like Dr. Chung form with their Erectile Dysfunction (ED) patients through successful treatment of ED. Learn along to explore the personal battle men face when trying to understand and solve their erectile dysfunction. Through candid interviews with patients and physicians, you can explore the physical and emotional impact of ED. You will gain valuable insight into the hope that comes with current advanced therapies that can restore men to sexual health.

Episode 1: A Good Life

The first time they locked eyes, Cliff and Marilyn knew they were soulmates. They’ve been inseparable ever since, sharing their most personal joys and struggles. Together, they triumphed over prostate cancer. Unknowingly, that victory resulted in one of their toughest trials yet — ED. Just when they’d given up, they learned about an effective therapy option, gaving them hope of restoring Cliff’s erectile function — and the vital intimacy they’d lost. Join Cliff and Marilyn as they share their inspiring story to shed light on ED.

Episode 2: Reborn

After several failed treatments, Andy reached a low point. His outlook on life with ED and diabetes was transformed when he was introduced to the IPP. See how Andy achieved satisfaction and restored intimacy in his marriage.

Episode 3: Restoring Robert

From initial counseling through treatment and recovery, solving ED is a process. This story follows pre-counseling in the clinic through the operating room as it chronicles construction worker, Robert, as he talks openly about his life-changing, advanced ED therapy. Learn why Robert believes that choosing an IPP “is the best thing I ever did in my life."

Episode 4: No Regrets

Lawrence walked into his urologist's office for a totally different urologic concern. He bravely revealed the isolation-inducing organic ED he had been experiencing for years. Through extensive counseling, Lawrence learned about a treatment options he didn’t know was possible. Learn why Lawrence says the only thing he would change in his ED journey is connecting with a urologist sooner.

Episode 5: Desperate for a Cure

Career, home, partner — ED doesn’t often make the list of things men worry about in their thirties. But Richard had been suffering secretly and trying therapies for years. He was desperate for a cure when he finally opened up to his wife, Maria. Everything changed when the couple learned about IPP therapy.