Dr. Chung Attends the 77th Mid-Atlantic Section of the American Urological Association Meeting

Dr. Paul H. Chung, MD was invited to moderate the reconstructive urology scientific session at the 77th Mid-Atlantic Section of the American Urological Association Annual Meeting. As a moderator, Dr. Chung set the tone for the program and ensured discussion was appropriate and educational. He also presented his work on the utility of contrast-enhanced ultrasound as a novel method to characterize urethral strictures. Contrast-enhanced ultrasound may better characterize urethral strictures in a more patient-friendly manner compared to cystoscopy and x-ray retrograde urethrography.

Paul H. Chung, MD Paul H. Chung, MD is Assistant Professor of Urology and Director of Reconstructive Urology at the Sidney Kimmel Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA

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